Time of Roses – 1999

Time of Roses – 1999 – Puma Produxion
Zweiundzwanzig von uns ausgewählte Lieblingslieder der Renaissance von Dowland, Morley, Ravenscroft und anderen, sowie Traditionals der britischen Inseln.
Aufgenommen in der St. Pankratius Kirche Ochsenwerder bei Hamburg

  1. Come lovers follow me (Thomas Morley *)
  2. Canst thou love (Thomas Ravenscroft [Annette Isenbart])
  3. Dindirin (Anonymus *)
  4. Poor is the life (Michael East [Susanne Wolf])
  5. Go crystal tears (John Dowland *)
  6. Il est bel et bon (Pierre Passereau *)
  7. Come again! Sweet love doth now invite (John Dowland *)
  8. In dew of roses (Thomas Morley *)
  9. Under this stone (Henry Purcell *)
  10. Gaudete (Piae Cantione *)
  11. Seven joys of Mary (Trad.{Beate Kynast} )
  12. Gloria (Anonymus *)
  13. The grey funnel line (Trad. {Beate Kynast / Susanne Wolf})
  14. Weary Cutters (Trad. {Steeleye Span})
  15. Blood and Gold (Trad. {Alan Irvine})
  16. Such a parcel of rogues in a nation (Trad. {Steeleye Span}[B.Kynast/ A.Isenbart])
  17. The Agincourt Song (Shakespeare)
  18. How should I your true love know (Shakespeare {Annette Isenbart})
  19. Early one morning (Trad. {J.Jackman} [Susanne Wolf])
  20. Rosebud in June (Trad. {Steeleye Span})
  21. Time of Roses (Beate Kynast / Susanne Wolf)
  22. All those fears (Beate Kynast)

Komponisten [Bearbeitung]{Arrangment}:
* Bearbeitung Time of Roses

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